Writers Companion

Writers Companion


Welcome to the Writers Companion


I have created this website in an attempt to create a place for writers and aspiring writers to improve their writing.


A kind of thesaurus of words to use for making our stories more interesting :-)


In a normal thesaurus you can find words that are similar to the one you looked up for instance if you look up travel you will most likely find words like journey, move, trip and so on, but for writing there are so many more interesting alternatives like hike, trek, voyage, adventure and I am sure that you can come up with many more - at least that is what I hope for - that we can make this a library of words that have similar meaning so that it will be the place to go when you lack a word for your story.


I have finally fournd time in my shedule to work on this project and hope in the future to update every week with more pages and (hopefully) helpfull stuff.


Drop me a line to let me know what you think, if you find shortcomings or if have ideas on how to make this site better.


Sincerely Jette Borgstrøm

(aspiring writer)




P.S. Trying for a weekly update (usually every friday)